My work doesn’t start with a predetermined idea. Instead, I take photographs in order to learn how to keep my eyes open, and to find out what it is that I see that someone else might not. So I don’t necessarily have any more insight into my pictures than anyone else would... but this is what it seems to me that I am drawn to: the shadow life of our made objects and infrastructure, the contradictions of twenty-first-century existence, surprising consonances in unexpected places, radical acceptance of mundanity, entropy at work. I do my best to get a little truth in every picture, and present it as straightforwardly as possible.
Tim Walters grew up in a peripatetic military family, and lived in Okinawa, England, and Germany, as well as many locations in the United States, before making his home in the San Francisco Bay area. He has been making photographs, computer art and music for over thirty years. He received a M.F.A. degree from Mills College in 1995.
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